A WWE RAW Storyline Causes An Infamous TNA Storyline To Trend Via Twitter


UPDATE: The angle from RAW in which Stephanie McMahon
brought out Daniel Bryan’s “physical therapist” to claim she was having an
affair with him caused “Claire Lynch” to trend on Twitter. As you may recall
(and want to forget), the angle ran in 2012 and featured Daniels and Kazarian
accusing AJ Styles of carrying on an affair with Dixie Carter, which lead to a
series of events culminating in Claire Lynch coming in and accusing Styles of
being the father of her child.

The woman who played the physical therapist was indie wrestler Chelsea Green.
Green trained under Lance Storm and wrestles in Canada and the Pacific

ORIGINAL: The woman who played Daniel Bryan’s “physical
therapist” during the segment with Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella on Monday’s
WWE RAW broadcast was ECCW and PWA wrestler Chelsea Green. She works under the
name “Jaida” on the indy scene.

Green is a student from Lance Storm’s Wrestling Academy and apparently worked
several of WWE’s weekend live events. She tweeted the following earlier this

“Last week. Last day of training at #SWA .. #divaintraining

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