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AAA Announces Three TripleMania Events For This Year


This year marks Lucha Libre AAA’s 30th anniversary, and in order to celebrate they will do things big by holding three TripleMania events.

TripleMania Regia is set for April 30th, TripleMania Tijuana is set for June 18th and TripleMania XXX is set for October 15th in Mexico City, with the latter being primed as the biggest event of the year.

The biggest match will be a “ruleta de la muerte” tournament featuring the returning Ultimo Dragon as well as Penta El Zero M, Blue Demon Jr., Canek, Psycho Clown, LA Park, Villano IV, and Rayo de Jalisco Jr. The wrestlers with the most losses will be forced to compete at TripleMania XXX in a Mask vs Mask match, the most feared and attractive stipulation of lucha libre.

The Twitter account Luchablog also specified that the events will air on FITE TV.

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