AAA Presents Drive-In Wrestling Experience “Auto Luchas”


During a virtual press conference via Lucha Blog, AAA President Dorian Roldan announced a new drive-in wrestling concept for the company called Auto Luchas.

The event will happen at Six Flags Mexico. Fans will park in assigned spots to watch a show in the ring, which will be raised higher than usual so everyone can see it. There will be screens set up around the area as well. Fans will buy tickets online. They will have to wear face masks and stay in their cars during the show. Roldan didn’t mention COVID-19 testing for the wrestlers, but earlier in the conference said no one on the roster tested positive.

Special merchandise will also be sold, including masks. Cars will be limited to four people for a regular-size car and seven for an SUV. AAA will also have commentary on the radio for people to listen in.

The government has yet to give the company the okay to run the shows, so at this point no official start date has been announced. No international stars due to the strict travel issues. The matches will be run on the weekends, multiple times a day and restricted to mostly singles and tag team matches only. No ticket prices or venue capacity has yet to be announced as well.

Roldan noted that pro wrestling at this moment isn’t very profitable in Mexico, so running TripleMania in an empty arena wouldn’t draw much profit, but with Auto Luchas the promotion could draw in ticket and merchandise sales, and sponsorships.

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