AAA Removes United States Facebook & YouTube Pages, Breach of Contract


AAA removed their US based Facebook and YouTube channels today, claiming a breach of contract issue with their license.

Lucha Libre Factory Made Ventures (FMV), the company who produced Lucha Underground, filed a lawsuit against AAA earlier in the month. The lawsuit stated that Lucha Libre FMV owned all AAA trademarks, both present and future, resulting in contractual milestones that were previously agreed to by between both organizations.

The recent deals with websites such as: Facebook, Twitch, Turner, YouTube and PlutoTV, along with licensed deals with Marvel characters, are deals that generate revenue from federations outside of Mexico. These deals would represent a breach of contract that (allegedly) states that any usage of these trademarks in any other country belong exclusively to Lucha Libre FMV.

AAA has pulled the YouTube and Facebook pages as a direct result of this lawsuit. Their US based Twitter account is still active but no direct revenue has been recouped from Twitter, whereas revenue had been collected previously from YouTube and Facebook respectively. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that PlutoTV streams AAA shows outside of Mexico and those are also likely to be affected.

We will have more on this story as information continues to come in.

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