AAA Trying To Get RUSH Back For TripleMania, AEW Contract Update On Andrade El Idolo


RUSH and his father Bestia del Ring recently announced their departure from Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. This put AAA in trouble, as RUSH and LA Park were supposed to team up against Sam Adonis and Psycho Clown at TripleMania in Tijuana next month. The losing team was set to compete against each other at the Mexico City TripleMania event in a Hair vs. Mask match.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that AAA is currently looking to bring RUSH in for the Tijuana show.


RUSH and Park were likely set to lose the scheduled match next month. However, AAA had not offered RUSH enough money to lose his hair against Park. And at the same time, AEW also likely wouldn’t want RUSH to lose his hair for as long as he is under contract.

The report further suggests that the AEW contracts of both RUSH and Andrade El Idolo are expected to expire soon.

Unlike Andrade, RUSH only signed a one-year deal in 2022. He has been sidelined in recent weeks due to visa and travel issues.

While it has been speculated that RUSH’s departure from AAA could be his way of opening the door for a potential WWE contract, it doesn’t seem like WWE is going to risk accusations of contract tampering by approaching him until he is officially a free agent.

If indeed RUSH has WWE on his mind, then his AAA exit is likely a strategic move to play both sides for a bigger paycheck.

However, it is to be noted that WWE would likely want to send RUSH to NXT first with NXT money in which case AEW would certainly offer him a bigger bag.

Andrade originally signed a three-year deal with AEW, but since he was out with an injury for a significant period of time, AEW would be able to extend his contract at will. Andrade returns to AEW tomorrow night on the inaugural episode of Collision.

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