Abdullah The Butcher Lawsuit Update Inside Here


The Primera Hora newspaper in Puerto Rico recently covered the Devon Nicholson lawsuit against Abdullah the Butcher. Abdullah the Butcher commented on Nicholson’s lawyers saying that he was positive for Hepatitis C. Here is what he had to say…

“The only thing I will say is that when we meet again in court, to be in a month and a half or so is going to take a big surprise. Soon we will know the whole truth.”

Carlos Colon also commented on the situation, stating the following…

“It took me by surprise all this, because Abdullah spent years coming to Puerto Rico and have never had any problems. When I originally learned of the lawsuit, I talked to him and said he was not sick. It seems to me that this boy (Nicholson) he wants to take money from Abdullah.”

Nicholson declined to comment, after his lawyers told him to not make any public statements regarding Abdullah.

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