Abyss On Why He Never Went To WWE


TNA legend Abyss was recently a guest on Busted Open Radio to talk about several professional wrestling topics. During the conversation, Abyss explained why he never went to WWE:

“You know, and I know Tommy [Dreamer] can relate with the whole ECW thing. But you know Impact to me it is, it was — it’s home. It’s where I started you know what I mean? I spent practically my entire adult life there. This coming year I’ll be fifty percent, almost half my life in the wrestling business and you know Impact took a gamble on me when I was a nobody.

“I was coming out of Peurto Rico with a decent name but nothing to where nobody would really know who I was and TNA gave me a chance when nobody else was biting at the time. And to see the growth and to be part of the growth and you know I always tell people one of the reasons I never wanted to leave was because you know I was there since the beginning man. I was part of the original ground floor of that company.

“Most of those Wednesday night pay-per-views in ’02 and ’03 we didn’t know if there was going to be a next week. You know we came every week not knowing that the future of the company would be in 2003 and a lot of people said we were going to close up the doors in 6 months and they said that for about 12 years so you know.

“To me, I’m so proud of what the company’s done and there have been a lot of ups and downs no doubt and they’ve been well documented. But to me, it’s a great company. We’ve struggled and we’ve really plowed through some obstacles along the way. It’s been home and it’s something I couldn’t see myself leaving. So I’m very, very proud of it.”

H/T Ringside News for the transcriptions

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