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NewsAbyss Speaks Out - TNA, Highlights, Monster's Ball

Abyss Speaks Out – TNA, Highlights, Monster’s Ball



Abyss recently spoke about his career, Sunday’s Monster’s Ball match and more, here are the highlights…

On The Highs and Lows of TNA in the Last 10-Years: The finest moment I think, would be the debut of Spike TV. It was a huge tactful event that really shaped the company, a network like Spike TV, I think was the beginning of growth period for TNA as a company. As far as low period’s go, maybe being unsuccessful in our first move to Monday night’s, we had high aspirations and I truly believe it wasn’t from a lack of effort on anybodies part, from top to bottom in TNA, but it’s something we’ve learned from, we learnt a lot of lessons from it and I think we’re better off as a company from the directions we’ve ended up taking.

On His Personal Highlights: I’ve had so many of them and I’ve been very privileged and honored to have so many moments there, I’d definitely have to say winning the TNA World Title back in 2007 I’d have to say was the most memorable, it was my first major world title and it was an extremely emotional and proud moment for me.

On What Ring Ka King Talent He’d Like in TNA: All of them, it was a privilege to work with Chavo Guerrero over in India, and others, Chris Masters, Harry Smith and probably a few other that just don’t come to mind right now and the chance to work with them because I haven’t had the opportunity because they haven’t been with TNA so it was a great experience and I truly enjoyed working with all of them, you know Chavo Guerrero is very smart and I love listening to him just put stuff together, just the overall vibe and overall chemistry that I had with all of them was really incredible.

On Preparing For Sunday’s Monster’s Ball: It’s more mentally that you change, you have to get into a mindset that you’re gonna go out there and try to hurt somebody and they’re gonna try and hurt you just as much, and throw in the fact that it’s Monster’s Ball with the weapons, you have to prepare yourself that it’s not going to be a regular match. By the way, a normal, regular match is very taxing on your body as it is, but when it comes to Monster’s Ball it quadruples, so you have to prepare yourself mentally for it to be a fight and to be a war.

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