Accused Murderer Pleads Guilty In The Death Of Indy Star Matt Travis


The man arrested last year in an incident that resulted in the death of independent wrestler Matt Travis pleaded guilty to the charges against him.

According to a report provided by PWInsider, Luc C. Vu entered a guilty plea on September 4th to charges of reckless driving and failure to exercise due care, causing serious injury as well as failure to yield to a bicyclist.

Matt Travis, real name Matt Palacios, was struck by a dump trunk while traveling on a bike path on November 9th, 2019 in East Harlem. Vu was the driver of the truck and made an illegal U-turn, hitting Travis and driving on. It’s not clear if he knew that he struck Travis. Vu’s employer fired him upon hearing that he was arrested. Travis was 25.

Court records indicate that Vu had his driver’s license revoked and was fined $250, the fine being specifically for the failure to yield to a bicyclist. He will receive a conditional discharge in one year if he doesn’t have additional legal trouble.

Vu is free and is set for a court hearing on December 4th to show that he’s in compliance with the court orders.

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