Adam Cole calls Pat McAfee a dirtbag

Adam Cole Calls Pat McAfee A “Dirtbag”, Talks Keith Lee Joining AEW


During a recent interview with Stephanie Chase, AEW star Adam Cole spoke about Pat McAfee as a person, calling him a “dirtbag” but also went on to talk about how much he respects McAfee as a performer and for his match at WrestleMania 38. Cole also spoke about AEW signing Keith Lee.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


Adam Cole on his reaction to Keith Lee joining AEW: “I love Keith so much. As long as he’s not pouncing me into the crowd, then I love him. But yeah, Keith is just unbelievable. It’s so fun to watch him wrestle and perform and do his thing. And now, knowing he’s gonna be in an environment where, again, there are a lot of fresh faces and new people that he’s gonna have a chance to have awesome matches with – a lot of people he has wrestled before that he’ll continue to have awesome matches with. I think the world of Keith Lee. I’m glad that he’s happy. He seems very, very happy where he is, and he deserves it.”

On Pat McAfee’s WrestleMania 38 match: As a person, he’s a dirtbag. Can’t stand him. But if I will look objectively and talk about how much potential he has like you said, Pat McAfee blows my mind. He is so athletically gifted. As far as the wrestling part, he’s done great. Everyone knows he can talk for hours and he’s super compelling and interesting. Pat knocked it out of the park [at WrestleMania 38]. He did an amazing, amazing job. So yeah, as far as the potential of where he could go and what he could do in the pro wrestling industry, I think he could go as far as he wants to. Seriously, to me, it was one of the highlights of the entire weekend was Pat’s match. So, he’s a terrible person but has a lot of potential. A lot of potential.”

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