Adam Cole Comments On Fans Wanting To See Him On RAW & SmackDown, Samoa Joe


During a recent appearance on the “Inside The Ropes” podcast, WWE NXT Superstar Adam Cole commented on possibly going to RAW or SmackDown, wanting a match with Samoa Joe, and more. You can check out some highlights from the match below:

On fans wanting him to go to RAW or SmackDown: “There is so much to do. That’s the other thing. I find it so flattering that there are people [saying] ‘God, I want to see Adam Cole on RAW or SmackDown so, so badly’. Then there’s another group that’s like ‘No, I really want him to stay in NXT’. And right now the possibility of things to do, on any of the three brands, feels endless for me. It just feels exciting across the board. Being able to stay in NXT, even with the 403-day reign and being a Triple Crown winner and all that stuff. I’ve been with the brand for such a long time and I’ve seen it grow so much that it’s really fun to be a part of that process. I would love to win the NXT title again, I would love the chance to someday maybe step in the ring with Samoa Joe. I want the chance to wrestle guys like Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott.”

On the possibilities he still has in NXT: “There’s just so many possibilities within that brand. And of course, RAW or SmackDown, there’s a bunch of talent that I haven’t had the chance to wrestle yet that I would love the chance to do as well. It’s exciting. But yeah, there’s definitely plenty for me to do in NXT yet.”

On wanting to work with Samoa Joe: “It would be incredible. Samoa Joe was one of the guys responsible for me actually discovering independent wrestling. Him, along with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson. I remember seeing those guys for the first time and being like ‘Oh my god. I’ve got to watch all their matches’. And I had never, in my 13-year career, wrestled Samoa Joe. We just never ever crossed paths. And I know stuff is very different now, we are unsure if Joe is ever going to be able to actually get back in the ring. But you can guarantee if that day does happen, I will be hoping and praying, as much as the NXT fanbase is, that we have an Adam Cole and Samoa Joe match. Aside from the fact that I do respect him so much, I am sick of him punking me out, dude. I’ve got to change this immediately.”

On his chemistry with Joe: “It is cool [to have that instant chemistry]. It’s crazy how that happens sometimes [with people], because that’s not always the case. You can have two really amazing performers, and sometimes they don’t necessarily clash or gel, where it takes a little bit to get there. With Joe, I felt it immediately, just right away. So, yes. I would love the idea of being able to do that someday. We’ll see. I hope so.”

(h/t – Wrestling Inc)

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