Adam Cole Comments on His Plans for WWE NXT, and More


During a recent interview with Gamespot, Adam Cole commented on his plans for WWE NXT, the Undisputed Era, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Undisputed Era: “When a stable it’s done correctly, it’s so important. It’s so huge. It opens up so many different stories that that roster can tell. So many different scenarios that guys can go. It just keeps things very fresh and different. Like you can do a million different tag matches, but at the same time, we’re individuals. Obviously I’m NXT Champion, so I’m going to have a bunch of NXT Championship title defenses, but then the next week we can do a wild eight man tag team match with all of us. But I think the big thing for those factions or those groups succeeding is obviously everyone needs to have chemistry and click. With me, Roddy, Bobby and Kyle, we’ve known each other for 10 years. I was in Kyle O’Reilly’s wedding; I was at Roderick Strong’s wedding. We talk every single day. So I think that kind of translates on screen, and I think that’s a big reason that the fans have really taken to the Undisputed Era.”

On WWE NXT: “We are so focused on making sure that an NXT is just the hottest brand in pro wrestling. I’m so proud of the group, that we’ve gotten this far and we ended up on the USA network and I want to stay here, and make sure I’m a part of this wild ride that NXT is on. But you know, of course, eventually someday, the Undisputed Era on Raw or Smackdown just creates a whole bunch of new situations for us, which would really exciting for us and the fans I think.”

On Adding A New Member To Undisputed Era: “As far as adding new people, no, I actually think it’s very important. I remember when it was me, Bobby, and Kyle at first. We were convinced it was just going to be the three of us, and then it was brought to us about Roderick Strong joining all of us. At the same time, we’re like, ‘man…’ [but] if anyone’s going to join us, he’s the perfect fit. And now that he’s there, we can’t imagine anyone else being involved either. So I think it’s going to stay with just the four of us. But again, it’s pro wrestling. Never say never.”

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