Adam Cole

Adam Cole Discusses Wild Time Crunch Before SmackDown Debut


On the most recent episode of the WWE After The Bell podcast, Adam Cole discusses his wild experience learning about and making it to his SmackDown debut last Friday. Of course, the NXT Superstars were called in for SmackDown because of the Saudi Arabia travel issues.

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Cole reveals that he only had about an hour between getting to the building and going out to the ring for his title match with Daniel Bryan.

“So, yeah, I got a text message about 2:15 saying, hey, there’s a chance, you know, you might be needed for SmackDown. Then two minutes after that, it was you’re needed for SmackDown and a plane leaves in an hour and a half. We walk into the arena at around 8:15, 8:20. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were just finishing in the ring. Yeah, that is kind of how the whole process started. It was definitely one of the wackiest days of my career because I think at that point, you know, me and Bryan ended up walking out to the ring around 9:30. So it was like I had about an hour to kind of get ready and get focused to get in the zone and all that jazz. So but yeah, it totally wild day, it all happened so fast.”

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