Adam Cole & Finn Balor Hype Their NXT Championship Match, Bennett/Aldis, More


As many of you know by now, Adam Cole and Finn Balor will be facing each other this Tuesday night on NXT. The winner of the match, which will open the show, will become the new NXT Champion. The two men took to Twitter today, hyping the match:

Mike Bennett will be facing Nick Adlis for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at United Wrestling Network’s Primetime Live pay-per-view debut on September 15th. Bennett took to Twitter today to comment on the match, saying,

“September 15th.I am fighting for my life. Why? If I win the @nwa Worlds Heavyweight Championship,all the BS of the last 3 years gets redeemed.Winning the Championship in my first match post WWE would do so much for my family.This match is everything to me.This title is everything”

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