Adam Cole Hypes Tonight’s Match With Finn Balor, Who Is The Better Heel Between Him & Britt Baker?


During an interview with DAZN, Adam Cole spoke about his upcoming NXT title match with Finn Balor, stating that the match will decide who the greatest NXT champion of all time is. Here are the highlights:

On if he prefers playing a face, heel or tweener:

“So I actually love the shades of grey in wrestling characters. To me, that’s what I think keeps everything kind of fresh. Because again, like you would mention, I was a bad guy for years on NXT television. Then I had that run there for a few months, where like you said, I was kind of an in-between guy or maybe even leaning more towards a good guy to almost give the fans just a little bit of a break. Because then once again, I show my true colors, and I’m 100% bad guy Adam Cole. It feels so fresh and so new just because of those few months of doing stuff a little bit different. Not only for the depth of character and for giving the fans a little bit of a break, but I just think it makes everything so much more impactful. I love the fact that I have little dips and dives in my character. I think it allows me to explore more things creatively, especially when it comes to interviews and explaining why I did what I did. So I really dig that.”

On if he or Britt Baker is the better heel:

“Oh god. This may be a two-parter. On the screen, I think it’s debatable. I think it depends. Britt does a heck of a job. At the house, Britt takes the cake. She’s wonderful. I’m sure she would say the exact same thing about me if roles were reversed. I think she takes the cake here. You don’t want to mess with her. Don’t ever want to mess with her. You never want to mess with a good woman.”

On if his match with Finn Balor will determine the greatest NXT Champion of all time:

“To me in a perfect world, I do think it least determines the trajectory of where it’s going for who is the greatest NXT champion of all time. In my opinion, that is what’s on the line here. Again, you can’t get any more big-time than this match on Wednesday. The fact that we fought each other twice before we each have a victory. I decided that I wanted to kick Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly out of The Undisputed Era because I want my NXT championship back. I see many people argue that I’m the greatest NXT champion. I see some people still argue that Finn Balor is the greatest NXT champion. There’s a lot on the line here. Certainly, in my opinion, whoever wins this match, whoever walks out of this match as the NXT champion, in my opinion, they are the greatest NXT champion of all-time.”

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