Adam Cole On His AEW Debut, Wanting Johnny Gargano To Join AEW


During a recent appearance on Throwing Down with Renee Paquette and Miesha Tate on SiriusXM, Adam Cole commented on both his AEW debut and if he would like to see Johnny Gargano join the company.

Commenting on wanting to see Gargano join AEW, Cole would say this:

“So, I will always mention Johnny Gargano as one of my favorite opponents of all-time. Me and him had a series of matches in NXT that to this day, I’m incredibly proud of. Again, another fantastic human being across the board as well. So, Johnny is a guy that I would really, really love to see in AEW for sure. Again, who knows? As the wrestling landscape continues to change and evolve — me and Johnny chat but more so just about real-life stuff. You know, I haven’t pressed him too hard on what he wants to do. I know he has a baby on the way which is really exciting. So right now, I know he’s super focused on that, which is cool. But yeah, I love Johnny to death and I think it’d be amazing if he ended up in AEW. I think that’d be really cool.”

Later on in his appearance, Cole would comment on his own debut in AEW. Joining the company at All Out 2021, his appearance was followed by that of the also debuting Bryan Danielson in the same segment. When asked if he would have rather debuted for the company as the only surprise, Cole stated he could not have been happier with how things went down.

“Because I’ve been asked that before where people have said, you know, ‘Do you wish that your debut was kind of a solo thing and you were the only one?’ And I could not be happier with the way that we went about that whole process because it created such a memorable ending to a pay-per-view. It was beyond cool. It was so awesome. To be able to create genuine shock and surprise in pro wrestling in 2021 is very, very hard to do so to be able to pull that off and be involved, it’s so cool.” 

Adam Cole is set to team up with the debuting Kyle O’Reilly as well as Bobby Fish against Orange Cassidy & Best Friends on Wednesday’s New Year’s Smash episode of Dynamite.

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AEW Adam Cole

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