Adam Cole On Survivor Series Weekend & NXT’s Growth As A Brand In 2019


Adam Cole recently spoke to Sporting News about his loaded Survivor Series weekend. Below are several highlights.

Adam Cole On Finding Out About His Survivor Series Match:

I found out about the match at Survivor Series officially when it got announced. For a minute, when I was playing through stuff in my head, I’m thinking as NXT is invading “Raw” and “SmackDown,” maybe I’ll be on Team NXT if they have a “Raw” versus “SmackDown” versus NXT match. And then to see the teams form, (I thought to myself), “OK, maybe I’m not involved in this.” Then hearing some rumblings that maybe I’m defending the championship because the Universal title and the WWE title are on the line. So, finding that out had me even more excited. As much as I would have loved to be on Team NXT and as exciting as that is, the fact that the NXT championship is right there with the Universal title and the WWE title as far as being defended on that show is perfect. And it again solidifies the NXT championship as one of the most prestigious in WWE today. Very, very excited for this.

Adam Cole On Preparing For The Weekend:

As far as physically, for me, it’s something that — and I know this sounds like such a generic answer — it’s going to be hard on a weekend like this, but making sure I get as much rest as possible and also doing a lot of stretching and yoga to keep my body warm and loose and the blood flowing. Taking ibuprofen if I need to. Mentally, all I do is remind myself that when I look at this week and I think about how crazy the past few weeks have been and I see how important this week is not only for me but for NXT the brand, it has 9-year-old me so excited that I’m being put in this situation. To be in a high-profile main event on NXT television on USA, then going to War Games with a huge War Games match and then, for the first time ever, defending the NXT championship at Survivor Series, this is why I got into pro wrestling: to be put into situations like this where I can be an important, featured guy. Again, as tough as it’s going to be physically, I have a feeling that I’m going to look back on these past few days and say, “Wow, I’m really proud of that.” That’s kind of my mindset going in.

Adam Cole On NXT’s Current Place In 2019:

I truly think, and NXT has done a lot of cool things, all the TakeOver events that have been really special, NXT finally moving to live on the USA Network, but I personally feel like with these past few weeks and leading up to this event, this is the biggest moment in NXT’s history. We’re right there alongside “Raw,” right there alongside “SmackDown,” and getting to go every week for these past few weeks to “Raw” and “SmackDown,” the vibe and the energy in the building, even at NXT, is different. People are so excited at all these possibilities and all these different matches which, in turn, has just raised NXT’s stock in a lot of people’s minds. Again, I’ve said this before, I’m incredibly proud of what NXT does and what we bring to the table. So to have all of these potential new fans getting to see us and watch us compete against “Raw” and “SmackDown” guys, it’s been great. It really is, to me, the most important weekend in NXT’s history.

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