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Adam Cole Reveals Original Plan For Undisputed Era


The Undisputed Era became the centerpiece of WWE NXT 2.0 after winning all the gold on the brand. Although the group has now transitioned to AEW, the leader of the dominant faction, Adam Cole, recently discussed the original plan for the group. WWE seemingly pitched for more than four people.

Speaking on the latest edition of “The Kurt Angle Show,” Cole revealed that it was only after Bobby Fish was injured that the group decided on a fourth member. Ultimately, they decided Roderick Strong was the best fit. He said,


“The three of us were kinda off to ourselves, and we said to ourselves, ‘I know we said we don’t want anyone else in the group, but Roderick Strong would be perfect.’ We’re all buddies with him.

Adding one or two more people to the group was discussed at one point, and I know the four of us were kind of like, ‘Eh,’. We felt like Roderick was the exception to the rule.”

Cole would reform the faction in AEW and rename it The Undisputed Elite. Meanwhile, Strong would remain in NXT as part of Diamond Mine.

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