Adam Cole – ‘Sabu’s AEW Appearance Was Absolutely A Last Minute Decision’


ECW legend Sabu made a surprise appearance on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, aligning himself with Adam Cole and Roderick Strong against the Jericho Appreciation Society ahead of Sunday’s Double Or Nothing 2023 pay-per-view event.

In a recent interview with Brandon Walker for Rasslin’, Adam Cole noted that Sabu’s surprise appearance was nothing short of a last-minute call. He said,


Oh my God, how incredible. Listen, I think over time, and this is pretty wild to think about, but when I was younger watching ECW, Sabu was one of my absolute favorites. It’s so weird to think as time goes on, because again Sabu was a student of the game, to think that I had his respect enough for him to help me with the J.A.S is pretty damn cool. It was absolutely a last minute decision. It’s great to have Roderick Strong there, but again, this match Sunday is Unsanctioned and we know that the J.A.S is going to be involved, so I took a shot in the dark. I talked to a friend of a friend, and reached out to Sabu. There’s nobody crazier or more prepared for an Unsanctioned match then Sabu. It all came together last minute man.”

Sabu will appear at Double Or Nothing 2023 as the special guest enforcer in the Unsanctioned Match between Adam Cole and Chris Jericho.

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