Adam Cole & Sami Callihan Headed To WWE?, Details


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Following WWE starting the process to sign Independent star El Generico, word is that Adam Cole and Sami Callihan will have tryouts as well with WWE.

The company has changed their attitude about signing top independent workers that don’t necessarily have the look and size that WWE traditionally looks for. This is partly due to the success of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and now Dean Ambrose and Seth “Tyler Black” Rollins. Punk and Bryan have specifically caused a different mentality when it comes to talent coming through the Independents as well as talent that doesn’t have the look, the size and the physique that used to be the first thing they would look for.

The old WWE mentality was to sign people who could be TV stars and teach them to wrestle the “WWE style”, as opposed to signing great wrestling talent and giving them the ball and seeing how far they can run with it.

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