Adam Cole Says He Loves Traveling With Britt Baker In AEW, Still Gets Nervous For Her Matches


Top AEW star Adam Cole recently chatted with Stephanie Chase about all things pro wrestling, most notably how much he enjoys traveling with his girlfriend, former AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker, and what is going through his mind when she is competing in a matchup. You can check out Cole’s full thoughts on the subjects in the highlights below.

Says he still gets nervous watching Baker wrestle:

“This is a real thing — it’s interesting when you’re in there with someone that you love so much. You do worry about them more than normal. Like when Britt wrestles in a big match, like the cage match she had with Thunder Rosa. I get more nervous for that than my own stuff. I still get very nervous for my own performances. But when it’s someone that you care about and you worry about their safety and all stuff, I’m back there just pacing and watching the whole time.”

Loves traveling and hanging with Baker backstage:

“So being in there, in the ring with her, and watching her, like if something looks like it was a nasty fall or whatever, I try my best to stay in that Adam Cole zone of not thinking about anything else other than the match. So yeah, I’d say the biggest negative if you wanna call it one, is just I worry about her more. But other than that, it’s a positive across the board. We get to stay in the same hotel, we travel together, I get to hang out with her at TV all day. It’s great. It’s exactly what you would want if it’s someone that you really love to spend time with.”

On her Lights Out Unsanctioned match with Thunder Rosa from 2021:

“I think it was definitely harder not knowing. I was kind of waiting to hear how it went. Because I hadn’t even gotten to see it take place live because this was at a point where stuff was pre-taped because of the pandemic that we were in. So I was just waiting, I had my phone, and I’m just staring at it, just waiting to get the info. And fortunately a good friend of mine, Jeff Jones, immediately FaceTimed me to let me know that she was okay. But yeah fear of the unknown to me is always worse. I have a crazy imagination so being there was much easier than not being there.”

(h/t – WrestleZone)

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