Adam Cole Shares What Kevin Owens Told Him After Winning NXT Championship


NXT Champion Adam Cole spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News where he spoke about a wide range of pro wrestling related topics.

During the interview, Cole shared what Kevin Owens told him after winning the NXT Title. Here is what he had to say:

“Kevin was there front row when I made my debut in Brooklyn. Kevin has also been there to congratulate me when I won the NXT North American Championship for the first time. He’s been one of those guys who has always been in my corner and always been supportive.

He sent me a very nice text message after I won the NXT championship, talking about how he wished he could have been there and how proud he was of me. That’s stuff that you never forget. He’s been a supporter of mine even before I made it to NXT. It’s been cool. He’s been incredibly supportive“.

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