Adam Cole Talks About Triple H, Undisputed Era, Performing With No Audience


Adam Cole was featured in an in-depth discussion with ESPN where he talked about Triple H, The Undisputed Era, and other topics.

Having Triple H’s trust.

“Triple H is a boss that I obviously really respect. For him to put me in that position without blinking an eye and saying, ‘Yeah, this is exactly what we’re going to do, and I’m not worried one bit. I know he’s going to deliver,’ is really, really cool. When you’re trusted that way, it gives you this sense of confidence that you can do anything.

Having the support of The Undisputed Era:

“Having the support of the three guys with me in The Undisputed Era has made it all sweeter. These guys have been friends for a decade. I’ve been at their weddings, we talk every single day. Whether it’s the matches we’ve had together or traveling to the next show together, or just talking in general, Kyle, Bobby and Roderick Strong have completely had my back the whole way through it.”

On not being able to perform in front of fans:

“Obviously I miss that part of it, performing for the fans. Everything being at the Performance Center feels different, and with the protocols in place, I don’t even really see the Raw and SmackDown crews while they’re in town. It’s a different feeling, but it’s still really rewarding at a tough time like this, because randomly I’ll get tweets or Instagram comments or whatever it is, hearing people say, ‘Hey, this is a really rough time. Thanks for the entertainment. I appreciate you guys still performing and still wrestling.'”

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