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NewsAdam Copeland - 'Ares Would Have Made One Heck Of A Wrestler'

Adam Copeland – ‘Ares Would Have Made One Heck Of A Wrestler’



Adam Copeland has spent decades proving his skills in the ring and believes that his portrayal of Ares would belong in the squared circle.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Copeland spoke about the character he plays in the Percy Jackson series and how Ares would’ve fared in the ring. He said,

“He’s supposed to be the god of war, so he’s going to be a god of physicality. My other gig is very much based on physical theater, so they definitely coincide. I think Ares would’ve made one heck of a wrestler. There’s a moment where he ups the intensity, and I was dipping into my wrestling playbook for that.”

Copeland then spoke about the show’s writing and how it helped him share different sides of Ares. He said,

“That was my way in because if he’s just a big, bad, angry god, then eventually that’s going to get old. What I loved about the show’s writing is that it allowed me to look for layers. For me, the key really was finding those comedic beats. Once I found those, I was like, ‘Okay, I know this guy.’” 

Copeland joined AEW at WrestleDream 2023 in October. At Worlds End 2023, he captured the TNT Championship but lost the title shortly after back to Christian Cage.

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