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NewsAdam Copeland Names Actors He'd Love To Work With

Adam Copeland Names Actors He’d Love To Work With



Adam Copeland has been flexing his acting muscles out of the ring, and the AEW wrestler knows which stars he’d love to share the screen with.

On a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Copeland spoke about his acting career and which A-Listers he hopes to work with. He said,

“Daniel Day-Lewis. What he brings would be so insane… I know he’s not acting anymore… but just that commitment would be interesting to just watch.

“A guy like Tom Cruise, so intense and what he brings? You have to appreciate that!”

Copeland also named Sylvester Stallone among his list of hoped-for co-workers. He said,

“His commitment to seeing through the fact that he was going to play Rocky, I love that story. He stuck to his guns. He stuck to his guns with “First Blood,” that John Rambo is not gonna be killed and instead, we get that speech that he tells Colonel Trautman about, that will still almost bring me to tears every time I watch it.”

“I know those might not be the usual names that you think of, but those are actors that affected me while I was growing up, that hit me right in the heart. I know there’s more, and I’m forgetting so many, and there’s so many great actors”

Copeland’s most recent role sees the WWE Hall of Famer portray Ares in Disney+’s new Percy Jackson series. Copeland believes Ares would make a great professional wrestler.

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