Adam Copeland Says He’s Not A ‘Traitor’ For Leaving WWE For AEW


During a recent interview with Adrian Hernandez, Adam Copeland discussed the fans who criticized him for leaving WWE and joining AEW.

Copeland departed from WWE earlier this summer and made his debut in AEW at WrestleDream 2023. At Full Gear 2023, Copeland, Darby Allin, and Sting defeated Christian, Luchasaurus, and Nick Wayne.


The former Edge said, You know, it’s interesting. Just in terms of, I guess, how people have like almost a brand allegiance or a team allegiance kind of thing. For me, I knew there was gonna be some fan base in switching companies that [said], ‘Oh, he’s a traitor.’ But, man, nobody’s a traitor. We left on great terms. And for me, here’s how I Iook at it. Paul Newman did movies for Paramount. He also did movies for MGM. Did you not watch them because they were MGM, and you have this really, really, like, strong opinion about Paramount films? Like, that’s what we’re talking about here, right? For me, I’m doing all I ever wanted to do, and I’m getting a chance to do it again after I was told I would never do it again. I get to do it with my best friend. I get to look at a whole new roster of opponents. That to me is exciting, and to be able to get as excited as I am at 50 years old, why wouldn’t I do that?

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