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Adam Pearce Reveals What Has Changed About Cody Rhodes Since His First WWE Run



During this past Wednesday’s episode of WWE’s “The Bump”, Adam Pearce commented on Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE and what has changed about him since his first run in the company, Cody’s potential going forward, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the show below:

On how Rhodes has changed since his first WWE run: “You know, the interesting thing just kind of outside in looking, I dealt with Dusty at the Performance Center like you talked about and he was incredibly gracious with his time and helped me immeasurably. At that same period of time, when I first joined WWE, Cody was still here, and then he went away for a period of time. The Cody that I am seeing now back is a completely different person. I am seeing more confidence, I am seeing a performer that is 100 percent sure of himself, and I think he has embraced everything that maybe in the past he’s kind of shunned.”

On Rhodes’ potential in WWE: “Maybe that’s not the right word, but there’s that shadow, right? Imagine being Dusty Rhodes’ son, imagine walking in that shadow your entire life and it’s almost like, now — and Cody said it on Monday, he will never be the American Dream so he might as well embrace the nightmare. So, he has fully done that and I think, again, the sky is the limit to be cliche. But Cody Rhodes is a force to be reckoned with and Seth Rollins is finding out about that now, and we are going to see what happens at Hell In A Cell.”

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