Additional $5 Million Of Unrecorded WWE Payments Confirmed To Have Gone To Trump Foundation


It was reported by Wrestlenomic’s Brandon Thurston that an additional $5 million of unrecorded payments from former WWE CEO Vince McMahon may’ve gone to the Trump Foundation. A new report has just come out that seemingly confirms McMahon made payments to the Trump Foundation in exchange for the former U.S. President’s appearances in 2007 ($4 million) and 2009 ($1 million).

According to The Wall Street Journal, those payments were made specifically for Donald Trump’s WWE appearances. Tax returns from the Trump Foundation reveal contributions of $4 million and $1 million from WWE.


Additionally, Trump’s contract for his WrestleMania 23 appearance reportedly includes demands made by the former U.S. President to send $4 million in appearance fees to his Foundation. WSJ adds that Trump boasted publicly about getting an additional $1 million because of the financial success of WrestleMania 23. However, WWE Attorney Jerry McDevitt has since denied the claim.

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