Additional Details On Bandido Exiting CMLL


As we previously reported (see original report below), Bandido has left CMLL. In an additional report, the reason he was still with the company was that he was promised a big match for a long time and wanted to deliver. Had this occurred in September 2020, he likely would have left then.

Bandido will be opening his own gym on April 17th and booked AAA talent (such as El Texano Jr. and Psycho Clown). CMLL had told Bandido to cancel this event and he argued with the company by stating since he was an independent wrestler and not under a contract he had no reason to cancel the show and CMLL had no right to tell him to cancel in the first place.


One of the main reasons is that CMLL doesn’t like to have their wrestlers on the same show as AAA wrestlers, and while that has happened in the past, CMLL either didn’t know or it wasn’t a big enough show.

Bandido and Psycho Clown working together was “too well known.” Due to their ongoing issues with AAA, they have lost Bandido, RUSH and Dragon Lee.

(Original Report)

CMLL star Bandido has officially left the CMLL promotion. According to a tweet from CMLL, the company announced that the two sides have mutually agreed to part ways. You can check out their official announcement below:

“CMLL informs that by mutual agreement and thus agreeing to the interests of both parties, El Bandido ceases to belong to the cast of this organization as of today.

CMLL wishes him the best in his future”

Bandido began his run in 2019 with CMLL. In his most recent match, he wrestled in a “Best Two Out Of Three Falls” match alongside Caristico & Diamante Azul to defeat Los Guerreros Laguneros & Templario on April 3rd. You can check out the official CMLL announcement regarding his departure below:

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