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AEW & AAA Resolve Their Recent Issues – Details



Dorian Roldán says everything is well between AAA and AEW – for now.

Speaking on “The Business of the Business” podcast, the Director for AAA commented on the past issues between the two promotions and where things stand now. The issues initially arose when Dragon Lee announced that he had signed with WWE. This came just weeks after Lee and Dralistico had defeated FTR to capture the AAA World Tag Team Championships. Roldán said,

“It has been, as any kind of relationship, with good moments and bad moments. As everybody knows, in December, when Dragon Lee was presented in WWE and all that stuff, there was kind of… AEW was not so comfortable, and even Konnan has been talking how was the conversation with Tony Khan about it. But right now, I think we have solved all the issues. We are super, super respectful, so we understand really well how was the position of AEW with all the things happening in the Mexican market and with the Mexican talent.”

He continued, “But for us, they are our partners, we are going to protect their interests. We are super happy working with them. I think they are giving a great window to the roster, to the Mexican roster as RUSH and Komander, and Hijo Del Vikingo, so I think yes, right now, we are in a really good moment and momentum with AEW.”

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