AEW All Out 2021 Preview: Full Card, Match Predictions & More


Match Predictions and Heat Index Anticipation Levels

Temperature Scale = Scorching > Hot > Lukewarm > Temperate > Chilly > Cold > Freezing

Heat Index is my assessment of how interesting the segment is, including how excited I am for the match and how intriguing the feud has been. The hotter, the better. Scorching translates to not being able to wait to see it, while Freezing means I couldn’t possibly care less and think it will be awful.


Kenny Omega (c) vs. Christian Cage

Heat Index = Hot
Prediction: Kenny Omega wins.

Thoughts: Here’s the thing. I was disappointed to see that Hangman Adam Page was taken out of the mix in favor of Christian Cage. However, Christian’s still wrestling, which is amazing and I think people are losing sight of that. Not only that, but he’s wrestling very well. Their last match was great. I do think the feud has been stretched out a little bit where I haven’t been as interested in their show-to-show segments, but I have faith the match will be very good and one of the best of the night.

Featuring: Nyla Rose, Thunder Rosa, The Bunny, Big Swole, Julia Hart, Tay Conti, Diamante, Penelope Ford, Red Velvet, Emi Sakura, Hikaru Shida, Jade Cargill, Kiera Hogan, Abadon, Leyla Hirsch, KiLynn King, Rebel, Jamie Hayter, Anna Jay and 2 more TBA

Heat Index = Hot
Prediction: Ruby Soho wins.

Thoughts: All signs point to Ruby Riott (now Ruby Soho) being the final entrant to this match. She’ll come in as a babyface, for all intents and purposes, and with more momentum on her side than anyone else in this match. While AEW has gone with swerves before and not had the Joker entrant win, I think this will be a scenario where the logic of the situation results in her coming out on top to fight Baker.

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (c) vs. Kris Statlander

Heat Index = Temperate
Prediction: Britt Baker wins.

Thoughts: This will be totally adequate. Baker’s got lots of positives, Statlander’s one of my favorites in the women’s division, and they’ll hold their own well. It’ll get lost in the shuffle of some of the other matches, though. There’s no chance they steal the show and end up being match of the night. The feud itself has been lackluster, too, so points are docked for that. Basically, this is a means to give Baker another win over a viable challenger, rather than something that is a true hook for the event, in my mind.

Miro (c) vs. Eddie Kingston

Heat Index = Chilly
Prediction: Miro wins.

Thoughts: Absolutely no way Eddie Kingston wins the title. Not a chance. Nope. Not happening. Miro has been too dominant. This match is mostly filler and shouldn’t be too long. I’m not going nuts with hype over it, but hey, whatever.

The Young Bucks (c) vs. The Lucha Brothers

Heat Index = Hot
Prediction: The Young Bucks win.

Thoughts: This was almost Lukewarm until I realized it was a steel cage match, which helps freshen it up. As it stood, I knew it would be a great match, but since I had seen it a number of times already, I figured it wouldn’t be at the top of what I would be looking forward to. Putting them inside a steel cage gives me more of a reason to be pumped for it and pushes it back into Hot territory. I fully expect The Young Bucks to retain, but if Lucha Bros walk away with the titles, that won’t be entirely shocking, either.

Andrade El Idolo vs. Pac

Heat Index = Lukewarm
Prediction: Andrade El Idolo wins.

Thoughts: Admittedly, this feud does nothing for me. Both are very talented and it ultimately comes down to “But don’t you want to see the match? Wouldn’t it be fun?” which is a problem I have with AEW as a whole, as that happens far too often. The storyline has been as bland as can be, so I’m lowering it to Lukewarm for that, even though I fully expect the in-ring action to be rock solid.

CM Punk vs. Darby Allin

Heat Index = Scorching
Prediction: CM Punk wins.

Thoughts: C’mon. Of course one of the matches I’m most interested in watching is this one. Would any other answer be acceptable? It’s been nearly a decade since we’ve seen Punk in action and even though I wouldn’t have thought of going straight to Allin as his first match, I’ve seen plenty from Darby to know that he can have a damn good match. This is going to be fun and I fully expect Punk to get the victory, but Allin to get Punk’s respect and admiration afterward, too.

Paul Wight vs. QT Marshall

Heat Index = Cold
Prediction: Paul Wight wins.

Thoughts: I don’t think I’m alone here in thinking this is the lowest match on the card, right? No offense to Paul Wight and QT Marshall, but this feels like a Dynamite match and not something for what could very well be the biggest event of the year. At most, this is something that should be on a special TV episode like Fyter Fest or Winter is Coming. Wight has a few people I’d be interested in seeing him face and Marshall isn’t one of them. Likewise, Marshall’s a good hand, but not someone I can be super thrilled to see in as prominent a position as this.

Chris Jericho vs. MJF

Heat Index = Hot
Prediction: Chris Jericho wins.

Thoughts: I almost went to Lukewarm, to be honest. We’ve seen this enough times that it has definitely lost most of its luster. But then, Jericho put his career on the line. Even though I think he’s going to win and that this is just to spice things up, it worked to put it back into Hot territory. If Jericho does lose, I’ll be surprised, but I’ll be okay with it knowing that it was MJF who got that last match. Then, I’ll remember how there are still others Jericho hasn’t fought and I’ll be sad again.

Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima

Heat Index = Chilly
Prediction: Jon Moxley wins.

Thoughts: Not to be harsh due to my own ignorance, but since I’ve never really followed All Japan or New Japan, I know nothing about Satoshi Kojima. Thus, this match means kind of nothing to me. If it were Tanahashi, I’d certainly be excited to see it, but that’s not the case. Instead, this just feels like New Japan sent over someone they were willing to have lose to Moxley and it’s a total unknown. I’m interested to see what I’m store for, but since I don’t know, I can’t be super hyped about it just because of the unknown.

How excited am I for the event as a whole?

Heat Index = Hot

Thoughts: Not every match on the card has me thrilled. There are some that I’m extremely looking forward to, some that I’m indifferent toward and some I’m not into at all. That should balance out to a Lukewarm or Temperate, but I’m more on the optimistic side of things. This should be an event that is good, at the very least, if not great, even though it’ll probably feel like it went on a little too long and dragged in a few spots.

What do you think is going to happen at AEW All Out? Which matches are you most excited to see? Keep the discussion going in the comments below!

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