AEW All Out Results: Kenny Omega vs. PAC


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the AEW All PPV event at the Sears Centre in Chicago, IL:

Kenny Omega vs. PAC

They start brawling before PAC sent him into the barricade hard. Back in the ring, PAC put in a headlock before Omega clotheslined him to the floor and hit an outside dive. Back in the ring, Omega hit a drop kick for 2. Omega missed a moonsault off the second rope then PAC went for one of his own and Omega caught him but PAC went for it again and hit a spiking DDT. PAC hit an outside dive off the top rope and crash hard. PAC hit a 450 splash for 2.

They trade shots then Omega powerbombed him into the corner and hit a spinebuster for 2. PAC pushed the referee into him but Omega countered a spring board move with a drop kick. Omega with a neck breaker. Omega with a german suplex for 2. PAC with a german suplex and then another for 2.

Omega hit the V Trigger and went for a second one but PAC blocked it. PAC with a series of strikes but Omega fired back with a knee strike. PAC botched a spot. Omega knocked him down with a knee strike. PAC locked in a sleeper and Omega went to sleep. 

Winner: PAC

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