AEW All Out Results: Six-Man Tag Team Match


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the AEW All PPV event at the Sears Centre in Chicago, IL:

Kaz and Boy started things off with some mat-based wrestling. Daniels was next in but Boy hit a spring board arm drag then tagged in Luchasaurus, who hit a head kick. Stunt was tagged in and did some tag team work with Boy that sent Kaz to the floor. Stunt hit an outside dive to take out Daniels then Boy took out Kaz and Romero.

Luchasaurus hit a springboard senton to take out the opponents. Stunt hit a crossbody to Daniels then Boy was tagged in where he hit a series of chops. Romero was tagged in and hit a drop kick to Boy. Kaz now in and worked over Boy in the corner.

Kaz and Daniels hit a double team move to Boy. Moments later, Boy made a comeback and got the hot tag to Luchasaurus, who hit a standing moonsault. SCU cleared the ring then hit some outside dives. Kaz hit a tombstone to Stunt and Boy with Daniels coming off the top rope for the win. It was a different Meltzer Driver. 

Winners: SCU

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