Pentagon Jr

AEW Changes Pentagon Jr’s Name – Details


Apparently a trademark situation involving Pentagon Jr’s ring name has made its way to the surface, allowing for AEW to change his ring name to avoid any future lawsuits.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Pentagon Jr. will now be going by the name: “Penta Cero M”. Penta owns the merchandising rights to that name, whereas AAA owns the rights to the Pentagon Jr name. Until now, AEW had been allowed to use that name because of their working relationship with the company.

AEW has pushed for the change, as they want to be able to use the Lucha Brothers for several different projects. AAA also owns the name Fenix, but AEW has been using Rey Fenix, which is the ring name he owns. Once AEW started to merchandise the Lucha Bros, they didn’t want to use a name owned by another company. They knew they would switch it at some point and it was a matter of when.

Penta Cero Miedo merchandise is now available at Hot Topic, but that’s due to a deal with Masked Republic and has nothing to do with AEW.

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