AEW Dark coverage

    AEW Dark Results: February 4, 2020


    AEW makes history on the Cruise of Jericho!

    While there was plenty of action in The Land to carry over, there’s still some cargo to unload! Witness AEW history in a Mixed Tag main event!



    • Jurassic Express VS Brandon Cutler & Sonny Kiss; Jurassic Express wins.
    • Hikaru Shida VS Melanie Cruise w/ The Nightmare Collective; Shida wins.
    • Mixed Tag: Kenny Omega & Riho VS Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford; Omega & Riho win.
    • Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy VS Shawn Spears & Colin Delaney; win.


    Tony Schiavone welcomes us back to AEW Dark!


    Not only is Tony back on dry land, but he’s in front of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland! AEW Dark is ready to rock as we get matches from both in Cleveland, and something special still left over from the Cruise of Jericho, so stream away, maaan~!

    Jurassic Express VS Brandon Cutler & Sonny Kiss!

    Representing this trio is Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt, and they’re taking on a party that suffered a fast defeat at the hands of the Dark Order. Will Cutler & Kiss turn things around from that #TotalPartyKill? Or will the boys make Luchasaurus proud in The Land?

    The teams sort out and Marko starts against Cutler. Fans are fired up for Marko, which throws Cutler off. Cutler and Marko circle, and Marko leaps to get a headlock! But Cutler stays standing easily. Cutler powers out but Marko hops over, and then Marko stops himself as Cutler prepares a monkey flip. Marko walks up to hook the legs for a prawn hold cover! TWO, and Cutler is a bit annoyed. Cutler blocks the kick, flips Marko but Marko baits him into buckles. Cutler staggers back and Marko climbs up. Marko leaps but Cutler catches him with ease. Cutler swings Marko, Marko uses that to roll Cutler up! TWO, and Jungle Boy perches on the top rope to tag in. Fans fire up as JB leaps into the ring.

    JB and Cutler tie up, JB waistlocks but Cutler standing switches. JB powers Cutler to a corner and then whips Cutler corner to corner. Cutler goes up and over and then dodges JB. JB goes up and over and shows off his agility! Cleveland is fired up as JB blocks and CHOPS! JB knuckle locks to go up the ropes for an acrobatic rebound arm-drag! And a dropkick! Cutler scrambles to his corner while fans cheer for JB. Sonny Kiss tags in and speeds things up. Kiss headscissors JB then runs in to wheelbarrow and arm-drag! JB gets to a corner and fans fire up for Kiss as he handspring mule kicks! Kiss rolls and runs and blocks JB’s boot to ROCK him with a right! JB is stuck on the second rope and Kiss handspring ax kicks him down!

    Fans cheer for the twerking but Marko gets in to floss. Kiss hip attacks Marko out of the ring! It wasn’t even that hard of a hit… Kiss then slingshots to slingshot and split leg drop! Cover, TWO! Kiss snapmares and KICKS JB to tag in Cutler. Cutler slingshot sentons! Kiss and Cutler double whip but JB fights back to ROCK Kiss with a right! JB elbows Cutler, then he uses Cutler to balance for his springboard flying arm-drag on Kiss! JB handsprings to arm-drag and CHOP Cutler down! Tag to Marko and the boys coordinate. JB wrenches and Marko hist dumdum stomps on the arm. JB snapmares Cutler and pump handles Marko, assisted 450 and leg drop combo! Cover, TWO!

    Marko keeps on Cutler with clubbing hands. Cutler shoves Marko away then back drops him high and hard! Cutler drags Marko up but Marko throws body shots. Fans rally for Marko as he enziguris! And then hops on for a sleeper hold! Marko is a backpack and Cutler fights free, to swing Marko for a side slam! Cover, TWO! Cutler grows frustrated, and he drags Marko over. Kiss tags in, and mugs Marko with body shots of his own. Kiss throws a BIG right hand, but then Marko comes back to tilt-o-whirl headscissor! Marko crawls but Kiss reels him in. Marko victory rolls but Kiss sits on it, TWO! Kiss ax kicks Marko down fast!

    Kiss drags Marko over, tag to Cutler, and Cutler brings Marko up for haymakers. Cutler sets Marko up and runs in, but into an elbow! Marko kicks Kiss but Cutler yanks Marko out. Marko victory rolls and uses that to boost himself, hot tag to Jungle Boy! JB rallies with big forearms and elbows! Cutler whips but JB LARIATS! Fans are thunderous for JB as he drags Cutler up, standing Chancery with a cobra clutch! Kiss clubs JB down and fans boo. Kiss whips but JB reverses to send Kiss out! JB mule kicks Cutler and tags Marko. JB Canadian racks Cutler, Marko is up high. Marko leaps, BANANA PEAL STUNNER! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

    Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

    An incredible rebound for Jungle Boy and his friends, but another frustrating loss for Cutler & Kiss. Will the Jurassic Express continue to build speed towards AEW gold? Will Cutler & Kiss be able to finally gain some points?

    AEW shares Brandi Rhodes’ therapy session.

    The therapist is surprised she came back. Did she have a breakthrough? Brandi says she can sense something is wrong. Well they were talking about her friends in the “Nightmare Collective.” Perhaps she is spending too much time with them, that they are being bad influences. She isn’t sure. She doesn’t think so. “ThEy NeEd YoU. YoU’rE tHeIr MoThEr.” What?! Or does Brandi feel she’s too stressed? There is a lot of internet negativity out there. She’s fine, she can still shrug it off. “YoU’rE nOt A gOoD wReStLeR. yOu’Re NoT vErY tAlEnTeD.”

    Brandi seems very stressed. How about an exercise to release tension? Put your hands out, palms up. Make fists and think of all the things that upset you. “EvErYbOdY tHiNkS yOu’Re A bItCh.” But the things you hold on to, like friends and family. You need to let those things go. You need to let those things die. Take those two fists and just open them. That releases all the anger, all the tension. “ThErE iS aBsOlUtElY nOtHiNg WrOnG wItH yOu.” Then Brandi should go. Wait, the therapist isn’t even real! Brandi was talking to Sock Monkey!! Is Brandi really (not) fine?

    Hikaru Shida VS Melanie Cruise w/ The Nightmare Collective!

    Speaking of Brandi’s “friends and family,” they march into Cleveland to settle things with the Samurai of Stardom. Will “Mel” make an example out of Shida? Or will Shida show the Collective that she’s not afraid of the Nightmares?

    But before the bell rings, Mel BOOTS Shida down from behind! Awesome Kong takes the kendo stick away and Mel mugs Shida at the bell. Mel TOSSES Shida across the way, but lets Shida get up. Shida gets her robe off and then dodges Mel to run back in for a big knee! Cleveland rallies behind Shida as she runs, but Luther lurking distracts the ref long enough for Kong to SMACK Shida with her own kendo stick! Fans boo and the ref isn’t sure what he heard. Mel dribbles Shida off the mat then drags her up to club her down. Shida crawls but Mel toys with her. Shida powers Mel to ropes and the two throw big hands.

    Mel puts Shida in a corner to throw forearms over and over. Fans boo but Mel soaks it all up before dragging Shida out of the corner. Cover, TWO, but Mel clamps on with a chinbar. Mel digs her knee into Shida’s back but fans rally up. Shida endures being bent back but Mel shifts to grab an arm, and make it a dragon sleeper! Mel bends Shida back further and Luther laughs, but Shida refuses to quit. Mel throws Shida down and encourages the fans to boo. Shida crawls but Mel stomps her down. Mel drags Shida up for big forearms, then throws more in the corner. Mel goes corner to corner but manages to block Shida’s boots. She puts Shida sideways on the ropes to SLAM her down on the mat! Luther and Kong like what they see but fans rally up for Shida.

    Shida stands and Mel runs in, but Shida dumps her out! Mel tumbles down, Shida leaps to double ax handle! Shida starts looking under the ring, and gets a chair! Fans know what she does with this but the ref wants her to be careful. Shida sits the chair up and the ref keeps Kong from coming too close. Shida then launches off the chair, to KNEE Luther! But Mel BOOTS Shida down! Mel clubs Shida and puts her in the ring, to then drag her up for a scoop slam! Fans still rally for Shida but Mel drags her back up. Mel suplexes but Shida blocks! Shida throws body shots but Mel is too much for her to suplex. Mel tries the suplex again for herself, but Shida fights out and hits an enziguri!

    Shida brings Mel back in, and manages the suplex! Fans fire up with Shida as she gets to her feet. Shida goes to a corner and climbs up top as Mel stands. Shida leaps, missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Mel survives and the Collective is relieved, but Shida is only more fired up. Mel swings, Shida dodges, but Shida runs into a Black Hole Slam! Luther and Kong coach Mel as she looms over Shida. Mel drops a leg! Cover, TWO!! Shida survives and Mel is losing her cool. Mel drags Shida back up, clamps on a choke grip, and lifts! Shida slips out of the slam to victory roll, TWO! GHOST PIN! TWO! Shida ROCKS Mel with a right!

    Mel flounders as she and Shida stand. Mel runs in but Shida knees her back! Shida runs but into a BOOT! Mel runs, into a takedown! Shida grabs an arm, reels Mel in, and manages the fireman’s carry! But Mel slips out, rocks Shida with a right, and runs, into Shida’s knee! Cover, TWO!! Shida and Cleveland are both shocked Mel survives! Luther distracts the ref as Shida builds speed, and Kong trips Shida up! Fans boo but Mel drags Shida back up. Kong aims the kendo stick, but Shida manages to duck, Mel gets SMACKED in the head! Shida takes her kendo stick back to SMACK Kong! Shida suplexes Mel for the FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Shida won’t stop, she runs and KNEES Mel back down! Cover, Shida wins!!

    Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

    A huge win for the #2 contender! Will Shida move up to once again challenge AEW Women’s World Champion, Riho?

    As for Mel, she gets a heaping of disappointment and even head slaps from Awesome Kong. But then Mel pushes Kong back!? Luther steps back as the young recruit eggs Kong on. But then Luther grabs Kong by the arms in double chicken wings?! And Mel CHOPS and forearms away on Kong! They whip Kong into barriers and the barriers topple over! Mel drags Kong up to throw her into steel steps, along the steps! Luther helps Mel turn Kong around, and they stretch her out on the top step. Then Mel DROPS THE LEG! The guillotine on the steel leaves Kong down! Will this upset Brandi? Or was this with her approval?

    AEW is coming to your city!

    That is, if you’re in these following locations on these dates.

    • 2/5/2020: The Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama!
    • 2/12/2020: The H-E-B Center in Austin, Texas!
    • 2/19/2020: The State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia!
    • 2/26/2020: The Silverstein Eye Centers Arena in Kansas City, Missouri!
    • AEW Revolution 2/29/2020: The Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois!
    • 3/4/2020: The 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, Colorado!
    • 3/11/2020: The Maverik Center in Salt Lake City, Utah!
    • 3/18/2020: The Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York!
    • 3/25/2020: The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey!
    • 4/1/2020: The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Panther Arena in where else? Milwaukee Wisconsin!
    • 4/8/2020: The Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Missouri!

    Mixed Tag: Kenny Omega & Riho VS Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford!

    AEW makes history aboard the Norwegian Pearl! This isn’t just the first Mixed Tag Team match in AEW, it is the first time the AEW Women’s World Champion teams with the newly minted Double Promotion Champion! Kenny Omega is still AAA Mega Champion and a NEW AEW World Tag Team Champion, and even has gear that matches Riho’s. But will gold and fashion sense be enough to be better than the Superbad couple?

    The teams sort out as fans cheer for the Wrestling Idol, as well as “Pretty in Pink!” Omega and Sabian start with the bell, but Penelope immediately wants in? Well Sabian tags her in and fans cheer, “Ladies First! Ladies First!” But before Omega can officially tag Riho in, Penelope SLAPS him!? Seems Penelope is daring enough to want a Co-Ed showdown, so Omega obliges. They tie up, and AEW inadvertently makes more history by going from Mixed Tag to Co-Ed! Penelope wrenches to a keylock but Omega stays standing. Omega slips around to hammerlock and spin Penelope around to a wrench and wristlock. Fans cheer “This is Wrestling!” as Penelope grits her teeth.

    Penelope reverses the wrench but Omega puts it back. Penelope rolls, handsprings and wrenches back to get a headlock and takeover! Omega headscissors out and squeezes tight. The ref checks on Penelope as Omega adds some leverage. Penelope rolls around to then hop and handspring out! Even Omega is impressed by that one. Omega and Penelope circle but Sabian wants in. Penelope tags her Superbad boyfriend and now fans want Riho in. So does Sabian! That surprises Omega, but everyone is fired up! Omega obliges and tags in Riho! Riho and Sabian circle and tie up. Sabian wrenches, Riho rolls and wrenches as fans chant, “Riho’s gonna kill~ you!”

    Riho wristlocks but Sabian reverses, only for Riho to reverse back. Sabian claims he’s got a great reversal for this one, and he kicks Riho’s leg out! Fans boo as he clubs her on the back. Omega protests but the ref keeps him out. Sabian drags Riho up and runs, but Riho drops down. Sabian runs Riho over and covers, but Riho Matrix slides out! Riho runs to dropkick Sabian down! Fans fire up as Riho gets up to arm-drag Sabian around! Riho scoops but Sabian is too big. Sabian clubs Riho to scoop her for a slam! Sabian soaks up the heat and then drags Riho up. Fans call Sabian names as he scoops and slams her again. Sabian taunts Omega to his face but then he drags Riho up. “Baby, watch this one.” Sabian scoops but Riho slips out to tag in Omega!

    Omega throws big hands on Sabian then CHOPS! Sabian is stinging as Omega CHOPS him again! Omega whips and scoops Sabian for a running powerslam! Cover, TWO! Sabian survives but Riho tags back in. Team Double Champion Idols double whip Sabian and give him double kicks. Omega snap suplexes, Riho double stomps! Riho rolls Sabian to a Half Crab! Fans fire up as they shout “TAP! TAP!” but Sabian crawls to the ropebreak! Riho lets Sabian go as he shouts for Penelope. Tag to Omega and he drags Sabian to a corner. He CHOPS Sabian, then has help from Riho to double whip him corner to corner. Omega whips Riho corner to corner but Sabian elbows her away. Omega runs in but misses the corner splash!

    Sabian whips Riho into Omega, then runs corner to corner. Omega lifts Riho and she boots Sabian away! Riho then adds a bulldog, and Omega hits the KOTARO KRUSHER! Cover, TWO! Sabian survives but Omega drags him up. Omega whips Sabian into the corner and tags in Riho. Team Double Champion Idols grind their boots into Sabian’s face! The ref counts and they let up at 4, and Riho CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Riho fires off so many chops! Fans fire up but Sabian pokes Riho’s eyes! Sabian feeds Riho to Penelope’s boots then tags her in. Penelope throws hands on Riho then bumps her in the open corner. Penelope stomps a mudhole but the ref counts. The Bad Girl lets up at 4 to then bring Riho back up.

    Tag to Sabian and he back suplexes Riho to slam her down hard! And then hook on a camel clutch! Fans boo and Omega gets in to DECK Sabian! Omega stomps away, ignoring the ref until he pulls Omega off. Omega encourages Riho but Penelope drags Riho away! Fans boo more as Sabian tags Penelope. The Superbad couple mug Riho and Penelope covers, TWO! Penelope argues with the ref while also kneeling on Riho’s chest! The ref counts and Penelope lets up. Fans rally for Riho as Penelope drags her up. Riho fights back with forearms but so does Penelope! Penelope kicks low, drags Riho back up and tags Sabian.

    The Superbad couple double whip but Riho cartwheels through their double clothesline! Riho dropkicks Penelope out but Sabian kicks and whips. Riho tilt-o-whirls to headscissor! Both Riho and Sabian are down but Riho heads for Omega. Sabian clobbers her down! Sabian drags Riho up and runs, but into her victory roll STOMPS! Riho hot tags Omega! Omega rallies on Sabian with Polish Hammers! Sabian ducks the discus but Omega reverses the whip. Fireman’s carry, “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” Rolling senton hits, then the moonsault! Cover, TWO! Sabian survives but Omega drags him back up to fisherman, AOI SHOUDO! Cover, TWO!

    Riho returns to the corner and tags in. Team Double Champion Idol whips Sabian but he grabs ropes. Sabian elbows Omega then throws Riho to the apron. Omega huricanranas Sabian and helps Riho get up top to hit a flying huricanrana! Sabian is reeling as Riho is climbing. Riho leaps for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Riho keeps her cool and tags in Omega. Omega drags Sabian back up, reels him in and puts one out. POwerbomb lift, but Sabian escapes. Omega dodges the boot but Sabian breaks the full nelson to PELE! Sabian runs in at the corner, big uppercut! Side to side and a tag to Penelope before the enziguri! Penelope handspring back elbows then runs side to side. Sabian tags back in as Penelope BOOTS Omega! Penelope feeds Omega to Sabian’s springboard missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!

    Both men are down but fans rally up. Sabian tags Penelope and she hops up onto his shoulders. Sabian tosses Penelope for a SUPERBAD Code Breaker! Then Penelope holds Omega in place for Sabian’s calf kick! Cover, ONE!! Penelope kicks Omega then tags Sabian. Sabian hops up, springboards but no DDT. Omega swings, Sabian ducks but then Omega ducks Sabian’s swing. Omega chicken wings to backslide but Sabian rolls off, only to get V-TRIGGER! Fans fire up as Omega grits his teeth. Omega crawls towards the corner and hot tags Riho! Riho dodges Penelope and throws hands! Riho runs, but Penelope goes Matrix! STUNNER! Penelope sweeps the legs to cover, TWO!! Riho survives but Penelope drags Riho up.

    Penelope runs, handsprings, but Riho ducks the elbow to run and knees! Then NORTHERN LIGHTS! Cover, TWO!! Riho goes up top while Penelope is in the drop zone. Sabian runs in but gets a boot! RIho leaps but Penelope dodges, hot tags to Omega and Sabian! The two brawl back and forth until Sabian kicks low. Sabian runs into a CHOP! Omega full nelsons but Sabian breaks free again. Sabian goes to run but Omega reels him back in, SNAP Dragon Suplex! Fans fire up as Omega takes aim. BANG but Sabian uses the ref as a shield! Penelope LOW BLOWS from behind! Riho goes after the Bad Girl and they start brawling! The ref tells them both to get out but Riho fires off more and more!

    Sabian runs at Riho, but Riho gets him in a full nelson! SNAP DRAGON from RIHO! Fans are thunderous now as Riho gets Penelope in a full nelson! Penelope breaks free and elbows, then she goes Matrix again. Omega blocks the stunner! Full nelson and Penelope screams, but Omega still gives her a SNAP DRAGON! Sabian is up, Riho gets him in a crucifix, V-TRIGGER CRUCIFIX DRIVER! The ref has all but given up at this point as Omega says BANG, for another V-TRIGGER! Electric Chair, ONE WINGED ANGEL!! Cover, Omega and Riho win!!

    Winners: Kenny Omega & Riho, by pinfall

    The pretty-in-pink double champion team will forever go down in history as the winners of the first-ever AEW Mixed Tag Match! Will they both ride this wave of momentum to retain their respective titles through the Revolution?

    Omega grabs a mic to speak to the Norwegian Pearl. “Let’s dial back the clock a little bit.” Maybe about 100 years or so. There was pro-wrestling somewhere back then, and surely back then they said, “Nah, let’s not do gymnastics. Let’s not do anything athletic.” Back then, the promoters no one should work out, no one should have “a look,” and no one should even talk. But then eventually, wrestling changed to have tag matches, six man tag matches, eight men tag matches, Royal Rumbles, and Survivor Series! Nice Vince voice, Omega. But the things everyone has come to know and love isn’t enough. AEW just showed the world the pinnacle of wrestling, and how it is “an ever-expanding world of infinite possibilities.”

    Omega knows there was a point in time when AEW even said no to mixed tag matches. But today, that all changes! Omega hopes there will be more matches like this, and thanks the fans for being part of their “AEW Universe.” To think they’d be wrestling on a cruise ship and on national television, with a really crappy rock band. Jericho will have something to say about that, but he is responsible for this event, so give credit where credit is due. Omega has fans cheer for Riho one more time, and then gives just a tiny bit of credit to the Superbad couple for their part in history. So thank you ladies and gentlemen, see you soon! Until then, he must bid us adieu. Bless you. So on behalf of Riho, Omega says good bye, MWAH and good night, BANG!

    AEW checks in with the medics on Awesome Kong’s condition!

    After the betrayal by Luther and Mel, AEW trainer Dr. Samson says Kong has a herniated disc but the MRI will tell us more. Will this injury keep Kong from exacting karma on the Collective before Revolution?

    Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy VS Shawn Spears & Colin Delaney!

    After the Cruise of Jericho, we have NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions in Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page! That means everyone in the AEW Tag Team Division has a new chance at the titles! Will Chuckie T and Trent hug in celebration? Or will they lose to this new combination of #PERFECT10N?

    Tully Blanchard grabs a mic to greet Cleveland as an old “Horseman town.” Tully has gotten many applications for Spears’ tag partner from The Land. There are a lot of guys that look good on paper, but what happens in the squared circle is the true test. Tully chose a young man that looks really good on paper, but it’s time to see if Colin Delaney has what it takes in practice! Will this blast from an extreme past pass Tully’s test and bring Spears a win?

    The teams sort out and Spears starts against Trent. Spears mocks Orange Cassidy’s thumbs up before he circles with Trent. They tie up, go around, and Spears wrenches to a wristlock. Trent rolls and reverses the wristlock to then hammerlock. Spears goes around and spins Trent for a snapmare. Spears cartwheels to stop short of the 10 fingers. Fans boo as he grins and says, “Almost.” Trent and Spears circle and tie up again. Spears powers Trent to a corner but lets up at 4 to CHOP! Spears does a two-step but Trent CHOPS him back! Trent throws big forearms but Spears knees low. Spears headlocks but Trent powers out, and things speed up.

    Trent double knees Spears down and Spears bails out fast. Tully checks on Spears and reasons with the ref that this is a time-out. Spears takes his time getting back in but stays at the ropes. Tag to Delaney and fans cheer! Delaney has his AEW in-ring debut but Trent wrenches him around to a wristlock. Tag to Chuckie and he takes the hand-off. Chuckie wrenches and whips but Delaney rolls and arm-drags! Delaney has the armlock but Chuckie gets up. Delaney whips but Chuckie hurdles to catch Delaney’s arm. Chuckie brings Delaney down to get the Half Crab! Delaney rolls and pushes out, then goes acrobatic for another arm-drag!

    Things keep moving, Chuckie handsprings out of the hip toss to back suplex. Delaney lands on his feet and it’s a stalemate! Spears shouts at Delaney to not marvel at himself and keep on Chuckie! Delaney kicks low and then brings Chuckie over. Tag to Spears and they double whip. But they’re not on the same page as Delaney bends over for a back drop. Chuckie kicks Delaney but Spears kicks Chuckie. Spears gets Delaney back with him, they double whip again, but now it’s Spears who bends over for the back drop! Chuckie kicks Spears away now and counter punches Delaney. Chuckie sends Delaney out and Trent gets in. Best Friends both PESCADO! Down go Spears and Delaney, and the Best Friends… DON’T get to hug! Spears and Delaney attack from behind and then throw Trent out.

    Wait. Delaney wants a hug!? Spears tells him no, and returns to the corner. Delaney stomps Chuckie in a corner then wrenches and whips. Chuckie hits buckles hard and hits the mat. Delaney throws big forearms and a CHOP! Tag to Spears and Spears hugs Tully. Delaney keeps Chuckie down as Spears stomps him. Spears CHOPS Chuckie then brings him around for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Spears is frustrated and argues with the ref about the count. Spears says 3, ref says 2, fans say “TEN! TEN!” Tag to Delaney and he mugs Chuckie. Delaney CHOPS and snapmares Chuckie into a chinlock. Chuckie endures and fans rally up. Chuckie fights up and out to run, into Delaney’s big elbow!

    Tag to Spears and Delaney brings Chuckie up for Spears to stomp him down. Spears stomps more, but fans troll with “TEN! TEN!” again. Spears tells them to shut up as he CHOPS Chuckie. Chuckie hits back! The Kentucky Gentleman fights out of the corner but Delaney grabs his hair! Chuckie elbows Delaney as Spears runs. Chuckie gets Spears with a Complete Shot! Both men are down and fans are firing up! Spears and Chuckie crawl, hot tags to Delaney and Trent! Trent rallies on Tully’s team and CHOPS Delaney! And again! And again! Trent keeps firing off CHOPS, then runs, to ROCK Delaney with that elbow. He runs again but Delaney follows, only to get a LARIAT! Spears gets in, but Trent brings him around for a TORNADO DDT!

    Fans fire up as Spears flops out of the ring. Trent builds speed to FLY onto Delaney! Direct hit at the ramp and Trent brings Delaney back in. Trent climbs up and leaps, big crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Delaney lives but Trent keeps his focus. Trent CHOPS Delaney in the corner now, then hauls him up top. Trent climbs up but Delaney slips out to Electric Chair and snake eyes! Delaney hits Chuckie down then hops up to swinging DDT Trent down! Cover, TWO!! Trent survives and again we argue over numbers. Fans still want “TEN! TEN!” Delaney tags Spears and Spears blames the fans for this one. Spears drags Trent up, and CHOPS Trent back down! Fans egg Spears on with the “TEN! TEN!” and he CHOPS Trent again! Trent CHOPS back!

    Delaney tags in and gets after Trent. Delaney and Spears work together to double suplex, but Trent slips out to tag Chuckie! Chuckie rocks Delaney then shoulders Spears. Chuckie slingshots over Spears to CLOBBER Delaney! Then Chuckie reels Spears in, but Spears denies Sole Food. Chuckie goes up the ropes to go up and over Spears, then throw Delaney onto Spears! Best Friends have Delaney, SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF! Cover, TWO!?! All those years in WWECW pay off for Delaney’s toughness. Tag to Trent and Chuckie brings Delaney up. Chuckie scoop slams and Trent climbs up. Spears trips Trent up while the ref is busy with Chuckie! Then Spears trips Chuckie on the apron! And Spears doesn’t give a thumbs up but the dirty bird to Orange Cassidy!

    Fans boo but Spears brings Delaney over to tag in. Spears returns to Trent and climbs up to join him. Trent resists the superplex and throws body shots. Trent throws forearms and Spears tumbles down. But Spears gets up to trip Trent up again! Trent bounces off buckles and hits the mat! Fans chant “TEN! TEN!” as Spears fireman’s carries Trent. Trent slips out but Delaney LEAPS in for a CUTTER! Spears has Trent up, C4 Driver! Cover, but Chuckie breaks it in time! Delaney tags back in and he CHOPS Chuckie. Delaney whips corner to corner, then runs in, only to sent way out! Spears clotheslines Chuckie out, but in rolls Cassidy. Cassidy blocks Spears’ path, but the ref tells Cassidy to leave the ring. The Sloth disregards orders and Chuckie drags Spears out of the ring.

    But Tully sneaks up behind Cassidy. Cassidy looks the Horseman up and down as fans lose their minds! Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets!! Tully does the same!?! Cassidy unloads the shin kicks!! But Spears clobbers him before the Sweet Shin Music! Trent LARIATS Spears, but Delaney inside cradles! TWO, but Delaney waistlocks. Trent standing switches then knocks Delaney into Spears! Delaney ducks Trent and locks on, but Trent reverses to a headlock. Trent feeds Delaney to the Sexy Chuckie Knee, and then adds his PSYCHO KNEE! Best Friends fire up, and HUG!! Spears gets up and sees them both, but Tully advises him to back down. Delaney is left hanging as Trent brings him up. Chuckie goes up top, STRONG ZERO!! Cover, Best Friends win!

    Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

    It seems anything less than #PERFECT10N is not enough for Tully and Spears to stick around. Will Trent and Chuckie T move up in the rankings to go after the new AEW World Tag Team Champions? As for Delaney, Cassidy gives him some credit and raises his hand. To return the favor, Delaney joins in on a GROUP HUG! Will Delaney’s AEW career finally make him a super star?

    My Thoughts:

    An incredible episode for AEW Dark! And a lot of great tag team wrestling tonight. The singles match of Melanie Cruise VS Hikaru Shida was really good, especially given how it ties into a building story with the Nightmare Collective. Brandi’s “therapy” was an interesting segment but it does give some dimension to this story that just seemed like generic spooky Heel group. Fans love Kong so you can expect her to return as a Face to help Shida and Kris Statlander in fighting the Collective. Then while Jurassic Express wins a good match, it was pretty clear given the Dark Order’s big story is still in play for Cutler & Kiss. Cutler & Kiss are going to keep losing until at least Cutler snaps and joins The Dark Order as like their strongest Creeper yet.

    The two later tag matches were both incredible, worth of title matches! I would’ve personally reversed the order as history should be the main event. Best Friends VS Spears & Delaney was a great way to debut Delaney to AEW while propelling Spears’ tag partner search story. As such, it makes sense Best Friends win out, and it was a great move for them to accept Delaney as another honorary Best Friend. It also makes me wonder who Spears will finally make his tag partner. The Mixed Tag turned completely co-ed was a great match, even with the production quality being like a fan was running around filming it. Omega’s promo after should’ve also been how Dark closes, it is a great mission statement of what AEW hopes to do for wrestling as the company only grows stronger.

    My Score: 8.8

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