AEW Double Or Nothing
AEW Double Or Nothing

AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Results: Moxley vs. Lee, Stampede Stadium Match


Welcome to the AEW Double or Nothing live ongoing results page!

This post will reflect coverage of the event’s winners throughout the night, starting with the pre-show Buy In at 7:30pm EST.

Double or Nothing Pre-Show Results

 #1 Contenders Match (Pre-Show): Best Friends vs. Private Party

Best Friends worked over Quinn in the early going and using quick in and out tags. Kassidy came in and did some double team action on Best Friends. They even hit a double Sliced Bread to their opponents. Kassidy with a springboard DDT that was botched to Trent. Moments later, Kassidy sent Trent into the barricade only for him to bounce back with a spear. Kassidy cleaned house after Quinn got worked over by Best Friends. Kassidy hit an outside dive to take out Chuck on the floor. Kassidy with another springboard DDT for 2. Private Party with a double foot stomp for 2. Trent fired back with two suplexes. Best Friends worked over Kassidy until Quinn knocked Chuck off the top rope and Quinn hit a standing shooting star press to Trent. Private Party hit Cryme Tyme’s finisher on Trent before Quinn hit a shooting star press off the top rope for a near far. Chuck hit a piledriver to Quinn on the floor. Trent with a big closeline for 2. Best Friends hit their finish to Quinn for the win. 

Winners: Best Friends

Double or Nothing Main Card Results

Casino Ladder Match for future AEW World Championship shot: Darby Allin vs. Colt Cabana vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Joey Janela vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Kip Sabian vs. Kazarian vs. Luchasaurus vs. mystery man

A new wrestler enters the match every 2 minutes. Kaz and Sky start things off. Kip came out and fended off the tag team. Kip went for a wild dive off a ladder but decided against it to stop Kaz. Allin was out next. Darby took out Sabian with an outside dive then a reverse DDT to Kaz then tossed a skateboard at his face. Allin went to the top of the ladder and tried to stomp his skateboard onto Kaz but rather went through a ladder. Orange is out next and took his time to get into the ring. Orange didn’t want to climb the ladder and avoided everyone. Colt was next out and pushed Orange out of the ring and tried to climb the ladder but Kip stopped him. SCU slammed Kip back first onto the ladder. Orange with a double drop kick then a dive through the ropes to take out SCU. Joey ran out and did a dive off the stage onto SCU then over the barricade to Kip before hitting a drop kick off the top rope onto Colt. Joey hit Kaz with a chair in the back but Sky ran in and hit him with the chair. Luchasaurus was the eighth competitor and hit Kip with a big boot then a chop to Joey. Luchasaurus with a powerbomb to Kip onto a group of guys. Luchasaurus with a chokeslam to Kaz onto a ladder. Brian Cage was the final competitor with Taz at ringside. Cage took out a few guys with some high impact moves. Everyone tried to pull down Cage and did. A group of wrestlers grabbed a giant poker chip and put it on top of Cage as a way to keep him down. Kip hit  a drop kick to Colt with a ladder. Kip hit a coast-to-coast to Colt with a ladder. Orange and Kip battled on top of the ladder until Penolpe Ford came out to support Kip, who fell off the ladder. Ford tried to attack Orange but he let her fall onto Kip. Jimmy Havoc came in and attacked Orange until Best Friends ran him out. Orange tried to chokeslam Luchasaurus but couldn’t. Marko Stunt came out with a small ladder and helped Luchasaurus hit a chokeslam to Orange. Luchasaurus sent Orange into a ladder. Kaz botched a move off a ladder. Joey hit a suplex off the apron onto the poker chip to Kip. Cage got up from under the chip and battled with Luchasaurus. Cage with a powerbomb to Luchasaurus on the ladder. Allin is back in the match but Cage tossed him on top of a ladder onto another ladder. Cage got the chip and won the match. 

Winner: Brian Cage

Jungle Boy vs. MJF

MJF worked over Jungle Boy for the majority of the match. He hit a back breaker for a near fall before working over the left arm of Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy fired up and hit a series of strikes then outside dives. Jungle Boy went for a crossfire but MJF got out of it. MJF with a piledriver like move for a near fall. Jungle Boy did an apron spot. Jungle Boy hit a powerbomb off the top rope for 2. MJF reversed a pinfall and rolled him up for the win. 

Winner: Jungle Boy

AEW TNT Title Tournament Finals: Cody Rhodes vs. Lance Archer 

Archer hit his finisher to start off the match but Cody rolled out of the ring to avoid the pinfall. Archer tossed him around ringside. Archer continued the beatdown as Mike Tyson watched on from ringside. Cody worked over the ribs of Archer with strikes. However, Archer knocked him back down to cut off his comeback. Archer worked over the left arm of Rhodes. Archer hit a spinebuster before talking trash to Anderson. Rhodes with a springboard DDT for 2. Cody hit Cross Rhodes for 2. Cody with a splash in the corner but Archer answers with a chokeslam for 2. Archer went to the top rope but as the referee was busy with Jake Roberts, Arn Anderson knocked Archer down. Cody hit a reverse suplex to Archer off the top rope. Another referee came out to tell the other referee what just happened, which led to Anderson being tossed from ringside. Roberts was about to pull out snakes of his bag but Tyson took off his shirt and Roberts left. Archer went for his finisher but Cody reversed and hit Cross Rhodes twice for the win. 

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Penelope Ford vs. Kris Statlander

After a brief flurry of offense by Ford, Kris started to take over with a series of strikes and slams. Kris with a splash then knee strike in the corner. Kris hit a powerbomb then hit her finisher, which was a modified tombstone for the win. Essentially a squash match. 

Winner: Kris Statlander

Shawn Spears vs. Dustin Rhodes

Spears came out in a suit and cut a promo about how Dustin is home washing his tights. Brandi Rhodes came out on stage, which allowed Dustin to attack him from behind. Spears fought back but Rhodes cut him off and stripped him down to his boxers then smacked his butt. Dustin hit his finisher for the win. 

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