AEW Double or Nothing Results: Best Friends vs. Private Party


The following is from our play-by-play coverage of the AEW Double or Nothing 2020 pay-per-view event:

 #1 Contenders Match (Pre-Show): Best Friends vs. Private Party

Best Friends worked over Quinn in the early going and using quick in and out tags. Kassidy came in and did some double team action on Best Friends. They even hit a double Sliced Bread to their opponents. Kassidy with a springboard DDT that was botched to Trent.

Moments later, Kassidy sent Trent into the barricade only for him to bounce back with a spear. Kassidy cleaned house after Quinn got worked over by Best Friends. Kassidy hit an outside dive to take out Chuck on the floor. Kassidy with another springboard DDT for 2. Private Party with a double foot stomp for 2.

Trent fired back with two suplexes. Best Friends worked over Kassidy until Quinn knocked Chuck off the top rope and Quinn hit a standing shooting star press to Trent. Private Party hit Cryme Tyme’s finisher on Trent before Quinn hit a shooting star press off the top rope for a near far.

Chuck hit a piledriver to Quinn on the floor. Trent with a big closeline for 2. Best Friends hit their finish to Quinn for the win. 

Winners: Best Friends

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