AEW Grand Slam Dynamite & Rampage Fan Experience (Gallery)


Today, we bring to you a fan experience of AEW Grand Slam, which includes the past week’s Dark, Dynamite & Rampage. We held off on posting this to avoid any spoilers. Joseph had the following to say about his time at Arthur Ashe Stadium:

  • There were already fans lining up at 4pm EST before the show began. Security started checking Covid cards and driver licenses around 5.30pm. Soon after, they started letting everyone into the gates for metal detectors inspections.
  • The first show was Dark, the crowd wasn’t fully seated yet. By the time Dynamite started, it was packed. Omega and Danielsons match had a very loud thunderous reaction from beginning to end. It was the loudest crowd I’ve ever heard from a wrestling crowd. Much louder than when I was at the Prudential center last week.
  • During the Rampage taping the crowd sang Jericho’s song so loud that the cement under my feet was shaking. It was awesome and terrifying at the same time, no over exaggerating.
  • All concessions shops sold out and there was a massive sea of people that left the building at the end of the show. Security was quickly trying to get everyone out, no reentering.

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