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AEW Edit This Week’s Episode Of Dark After Negative Reception To Max Caster’s Rap (Video)



AEW removed and then re-uploaded an edited version of this week’s episode of Dark. This came after there was a largely negative reception to Max Caster’s entrance rap. During the rap, Caster made several comments that were met with a poor reception from the viewing audience. These include a shot at United States Olympian Simone Biles mental health, the 2006 Duke Lacrosse sexual assault and rape court case, as well as a comment at Julia Hart’s expense. The original upload of AEW Dark included the entrance in full, however this has now been cut out of the re-uploaded version.

The unedited version of the rap can be found below:

It’s worth noting that the episode of AEW Dark was taped in advance and could have been edited out before the show aired. The negative reception behind the clip started as early as Monday when crowd footage of it first began to circle the internet. The decision by AEW to initially leave the clip as is has also come after WWE fell under some criticism for their use of Simone Biles mental health in a promo by Charlotte on Monday’s episode of RAW.

You can see some of the negative reception to the entrance below:

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