AEW Edited Out Huge Botch From West Coast Feed Of Latest Dynamite


AEW edited out a huge botch from the Sammy Guevara-Scorpio Sky Ladder match for the TNT Championship on this week’s episode of Dynamite.

During the match, Guevara attempted a 630 body block but missed Sky who still sold the move.


According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this botched spot was removed from the West Coast feed.

“They were in split-screen for the next several minutes. Guevara was just laying there. Sky was stalling since he easily could have climbed the ladder and won and then they’d be several minutes early and in a commercial break.

“So he basically played to the crowd and stalled, but it did get silly because it was clear he could win for at least a minute and climbed so slow to allow Guevara have time to recover. Evidently, they didn’t like this segment because on the West Coast feed, that side of the screen was black rather than showing what happened as it did air live in the rest of the country.”

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