AEW & Family Of Brodie Lee Warn Twitter Users Of Fake Twitter Accounts – Details


AEW and Amanda Huber (widow of the late Brodie Lee) are warning Twitter users of the fake Twitter accounts created using her name/likeness and Brodie Jr’s (or -1). Amanda posted the following statement to her Instagram account:


“Brodie has no social media accounts. This is so weird and just gross. Never in his life has Brodie called me ‘mommy’ and it’s bizarre to read. Please, if you feel yourself creating a fake account for an 8 year old for attention, please go to therapy and get the help you need. I’m serious. Therapy is amazing and world changing. It’s changed my life personally. Also… this isn’t ok. A fake account pretending to be me is reporting the fake account of someone pretending to be my 8 year old….. what? I have Twitter but I hardly use it and it’s been private for YEARS.”

AEW and The Dark Order’s Stu Grayson followed up with their own posts on Twitter, as you’ll see below, along with screenshots of some of the fake accounts:

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