AEW Is Filming Segments Ahead Of Time In A Cost-Cutting Move


A new report from Fightful indicates that AEW has been using a unique method to save on travel and production costs.

AEW has been regularly filming segments for talent ahead of time if they’re not planned for the following week’s television. The reason is to save on travel costs, as well as making it easier on the performers. Wrestlers no longer have to fly in for two days of television tapings for a one-minute backstage segment.


This isn’t the first time AEW has experimented with this process. It was done last year with the Young Bucks and the Hardys. This has also been done with PAC, who travels regularly from the UK. The segment featuring Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland from the October 18th edition of Dynamite in Cincinnati, OH was actually filmed the week prior in Toronto.

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