AEW Live Rally News: Kenny Omega Confirms He’s Signed a Contract


After weeks of speculating over which direction he would go with his career, tonight’s AEW Double Or Nothing rally finally put everyone’s minds at ease. Kenny Omega appeared in person and gave the attending fans some inspiring words. Graphics above his name established his position in the company as “Executive Vice-President”.

Addressing the exact time he signed on as a full-time member, he confirmed it only happened as soon as the same morning. The Elite enjoyed the adventure in Japan, but the world’s a big place. The adventure in Japan had to end as they wanted to change the world. Omega finds it difficult to describe the feeling of “changing the world” in words, but he felt it at the “All In” event last year. Kenny says the fans deserves that same feeling every week. Thanks to all the support, AEW will change the world.

Chris Jericho appeared to confront Kenny Omega. After a stare down, the two came to blows .. but security quickly split them up. Security took Jericho back down the walkway, as Kenny recovered to deliver his catchphrase. His first attempt failed, as the microphone broke. After a good laugh, Kenny’s second attempt ended the rally with a “Goodbye! And Goodnight! Bang!” – Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho II is the likely main event of AEW Double Or Nothing.

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