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AEW May Be Toning Down Wins-Loss Records Going Forward



Since its inception, AEW has emphasized that wins and losses matter in the company. However, recent booking suggests that the rankings in AEW have not mattered, with some talents getting booked for championship matches despite not being ranked number #1.

According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, the decision to book talent in matches regardless of their rankings may be intentional. The company may be toning down its wins-loss records going forward.

In the past, the AEW rankings were used to determine the number one contenders for championships. A couple of championship matches on the upcoming Grand Slam show this week didn’t factor into the ranking system at all. The Fatal Four Way match for the AEW Interim Women’s Championship and the AEW World Tag Team Championship match didn’t factor in the rankings.

FTR previously called out the ranking system. The team has been ranked high on the tag team list for several months but has yet to receive an AEW World Tag Team Championship shot.

Do you think the AEW ranking system should still be incorporated when booking championship matches in the company? Sound off in the comments section below, and follow eWn on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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