AEW Revolution Results: HOOK vs. QT Marshall


After a video hyping the dog collar match, Tony Schiavone is joined in the ring by Don Callis, who properly trolls the crowd by coming out to Kenny Omega’s music. Don asks if the fans were expecting somebody else. They don’t get Kenny Omega tonight, they’re going to listen to Don instead. The fans aren’t impressed. Don & Kenny gave them the most memorable world title reign in the history of the business while Kenny had catastrophic injuries. Don blames the fans for this, as they kept encouraging Kenny & sucked the blood out of him. Don was disgusted by the card tonight, specifically all the violence involved. It’ll be a great night for the Elite though, as the Young Bucks will win the tag team titles tonight. Adam Cole has created a sleeper cell within the Elite, and since Kenny isn’t here tonight, Cole will become the new AEW World Champion. Don thinks Cole will be a fantastic transitional champion, up until the second Kenny Omega returns. There’s only one diamond in this business, and it’s Kenny By Gawd Omega.

Taz joins Excalibur & Tony on commentary for the next match.

Buy-In Match: Hook vs. QT Marshall: QT has a microphone, and notes that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. He’ll show Hook what being cold-hearted is all about! Good luck with that, fella. Fans are solidly behind Hook, as they have been from the beginning. Hook picks QT’s ankle, which inspires some smack talk. Hook takes QT down and goes for a bow & arrow, but QT finds the ropes. Hook lands some punches and a headbutt in the corner, but QT hits a kick. Hook reverses the whip, T-bones QT and clotheslines him to the outside. QT challenges Hook to leave the ring, but that doesn’t take. QT piefaces Hook back in the ring, then lands a cheap shot behind the ref’s back. QT tosses Hook outside, then goes for a pump kick, but Hook catches him and suplexes him on the floor! QT gets tossed back in the ring, but he trips Hook into the middle turnbuckle. The fans tell QT that he sucks. Vertical suplex by QT, then an Abdullah elbow drop gets a one count. Hook slips out of the suplex attempt, hits a Northern Lights suplex for two. QT with a face rake, then a back suplex on Hook. QT goes up top…Hook crotches him up there. Another suplex from Hook, QT with a back elbow, then he signals for the Diamond Cutter! Hook blocks, QT does an up and over in the corner, but backs right into Red Rum! QT taps.

Winner: Hook (5 minutes via submission)

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