AEW Star Says Top Dolla Will “Never” Sign With The Promotion


Top Dolla was among the rest of Hit Row to be released by WWE last month. 

Vince McMahon saw Top Dolla as the star of Hit Row due to his size. However, when the decision to cut him was made then the other faction members didn’t stand a chance of staying. He reportedly had backstage heat. 

Top Dolla was brought up in a recent live stream where Sammy Guevara was answering questions. When a fan asked Guevara, “When is Top Dolla coming to AEW?” Sammy was quick to respond with, “Never.” It should be noted that Sammy was in a lighthearted mood so he could’ve been just joking. 

WWE called up the group to SmackDown in early October, but a month later B-Fab was released.

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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