AEW Star Suffers Potential Concussion During Fight For The Fallen Match


It appears that All Elite Wrestling star Britt Baker suffered a concussion during her latest match as she teamed with Riho and lost to Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima at Saturday’s Fight for the Fallen event.

Baker appeared to clear up the speculation in a recent post on social media after Aubrey Edwards, who was the referee in this match, brought losing one of her earrings.

“While hurriedly leaving the venue last night, I somehow lost one of my earrings. I’ve had these guys since my very first match, and they’ve been with me for (most of) the 461 matches after that. Best value I ever got for $20. Thanks for all the memories. RIP”

Baker responded with, “Hurriedly left the venue to take care of a concussed coworker and checked on her every hour of the night. Next pair is on me Ref Aubrey.”

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