AEW Stars ‘Quietly Celebrating’ Following The Departure Of Cody & Brandi Rhodes


More details have emerged on how Cody and Brandi Rhodes were seen backstage during their three years in AEW.

Earlier this week, a series of statements by the two, as well as AEW President Tony Khan revealed that the pair were leaving, in the biggest loss to AEW to date.

While these statements praised everyone involved, it’s since been reported that a dispute over pay and booking control led to a rift between Cody and Khan.

In an update from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it’s reported that some in AEW are happy to see Cody and Brandi gone, and think the “hero treatment” Cody got when he left doesn’t fit what really happened.

A lot of the talent was said to be “quietly celebrating” and it wasn’t all sadness like what was being presented to the public.

One source said they were surprised that the Rhodes’ are leaving, but that the reaction backstage has been largely positive.

There are some who did like Cody behind the scenes, and it’s reported that Cody was ‘hands-on’ backstage, and the difference of opinion boiled down to who liked his aggressive approach and who didn’t.

Last year, it was reported that Cody had had a falling out with the other EVPs of the company, but there was never a time when they didn’t speak to each other.

The relationship between the Young Bucks and Cody was said to be “cordial and business-like,” though they also talked as friends, while Cody and Kenny Omega only spoke when it was for business reasons.

With Brandi, it’s reported that she too had her share of critics, with many believing that she took too much credit for deals negotiated by her and Dana Massie.

Brandi also had ideas for herself and other women that ended up not working out, but she was still pushed, with a planned angle with Jade Cargill only ending due to her pregnancy.

It’s believed that Cody will return to WWE in time for WrestleMania 38, but the company is not interested in signing Brandi.

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