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AEW Superstar Jake Hager Accuses WWE Of Lying Over 37 Million Dollar Quarterly Profits


AEW Superstar Jake Hager had seen Stephanie McMahon promoting WWE’s 2020 Corporation of the Year award and decided to comment on the situation, taking a pretty hefty shot at WWE in the process.

WWE won the PRNews CSR & Nonprofit Awards’ Corporation of the Year for 2020, with Stephanie McMahon posting the following to Twitter to celebrate their award:

Jake Hager replied to Stephanie’s post with the following:

Of course, Jake was referring to WWE making deep cuts across its talent, backstage, and corporate divisions due to the pandemic back in April.

WWE revealed in its Q2 financial report weeks later that their net income that quarter was $43.8 million. Hager also tagged Andrew Yang, who has been openly critical of WWE as of late.

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