AEW Superstar Serpentico Says He Nearly Quit Wrestling Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic


At the closing bell on Thursday, WWE’s stock was at $40.37. That is down $0.10 (0.25%) from Wednesday’s closing price.

AEW Superstar Serpentico tweeted the following tonight, revealing that he almost quit wrestling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He said,

“Story time:

Once the pandemic shut the world down, I had quietly decided to walk away from wrestling after 3/24 because I thought it impossible to restart my career if wrestling ever came back.

I had only told a few people (who were 100% against it) and was slowly coming to terms with the decision. (Lots of wine time notwithstanding.)

Fast forward 7 months and I get to be part of history tagging with the brother I never knew I had in Luther against Chris Jericho and Jake Hager on Chris’ 30th anniversary, no less.

One day I’ll tell the full story about how I got here but if you’re going to take away anything from this message it should be this:

You never really know how close you are to acheiving what you want but you’ll never actually acheive it if you just walk away.

Keep working. Keep grinding. Someone sees you.

And see you on the 7th when CHAOS PROJECT kicks Jericho and Hager’s collective Inner Circle’d, bubbly loving asses.

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